Toys to Avoid to Keep Your Child's Eyes Safe

What child does not like toys? And exactly what parent or grandparent does not delight in buying a fun gift for their young loved ones?

But some toys that look really enjoyable can posture a major threat of eye injuries-- including severe injuries that can result in irreversible vision loss.

Toy-Related Eye Injuries

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Security Commission, about a quarter of a million kids are seen in the nation's health center emergency departments each year due to toy-related injuries.

Almost half of these injuries are to the head and face, and lots of are eye injuries. And about 35 percent of toy-related injuries are sustained by kids under age 5.

However eye security is frequently the last thing on individuals's minds when buying toys for kids.

Online studies conducted recently by AllAboutVision revealed that 41 percent of moms and dads either "seldom" or "never ever" considered eye security glasses when choosing toys for their kids.

At the same time, when asked whether any of the toys their children own could trigger harm to their eyes, 54 percent of parents responded "absolutely," and 22 percent said "perhaps.".

Common eye injuries brought on by mishaps with toys can vary from a small scratch to the front surface area of the eye (called a corneal abrasion) to extremely major, sight-threatening injuries such as corneal ulcers, traumatic cataracts, bleeding inside the eye and retinal detachment.

Plainly, it's time for some reassessing about how we buy toys, to secure children's eyes from damage.

Six Kinds of Toys That Posture a High Threat for Eye Injuries.

Here's a list of six kinds of toys you might want to cross off your list when purchasing gifts for little ones. Each has a high potential threat for eye injuries-- specifically if used by little ones without adult guidance and guidance:.

1. Guns that shoot ANY kind of projectile. This consists of toy guns that shoot light-weight, cushy darts. You may believe these soft projectiles would pose little or no threat, however toy weapons of this type can soar to ranges of 75 feet, and the darts move at speeds quickly enough to cause a major eye injury-- particularly when utilized at close quarters indoors. Examples: Nerf Vortex Nitron; Nerf Rebelle Sweet Vengeance Dart Kit (both by Hasbro).

2. Water balloon launchers and water guns. Water balloons can cause major blunt trauma to the eye that can cause a retinal detachment and long-term vision loss. Even toy guns that shoot a stream of water can trigger serious eye damage, especially when used at close range. Examples: SuperSoaker Scatter Blast Water Blaster (SuperSoaker); Nerf Super Soakers (Hasbro); Water Sports TL-500 Stream Machine (Water Sports); Water Blaster XLR Water Cannon (Water Blaster).

3. Games that include toy fishing poles. Completion of a toy fishing pole or things secured to the end of the fishing line can quickly wind up in a playmate's eye frames. Examples: Ertl John Deere Electronic Fishing Pole (Tomy); Catch of the Day (Little World Toys).

4. Toy wands, swords, sabers or weapons with bayonets. There's really no have to discuss why these are a bad concept, right? Examples: Deluxe Ninja LED Sword (FlashingBlinkyLights); Fast Fire Machine Gun with Revolving Bullet Belt, Bayonet, Lights & Sounds (Combat 3); Fast Fire Gatling gun with Lights & Sound (Forces of Valor).

5. Aerosol string. The chemicals in these products can cause eye inflammation, lower kids vision and a kind of pink eye called chemical conjunctivitis. When utilized at close range, aerosol string likewise can trigger a corneal abrasion that could lead to serious eye infections. Examples: Foolish String (Ridiculous String Products); Streamer String (Amscan); Turbo Spackle String Blaster (Big Time Toys).

6. Laser guidelines and bright flashlights. Though technically not toys, numerous kids love to play "laser tag" or "flashlight tag." Portable laser guidelines, like those used for company presentations, need to never be utilized by children, as the light intensity of these gadgets suffices to cause permanent vision loss. Even high-powered LED flashlights can be unsafe, because they can trigger momentary loss of sight, putting kids at risk of a fall or other accident.